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Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP) historical timeline.

National Infrastructure Planning

Able Marine Energy Park | National Infrastructure Planning (

19/12/2011 Application received by the Planning Inspectorate.

18/12/2013 The Secretary of State grants development consent for application.

29/10/2014 Development Consent Order comes into force.

19/09/2018 Application for change to the AMEP Development Consent Order.

Significant Dates

01/08/2014 Government Minister Eric Pickles visits AMEP at start of infrastructure enabling works.

06/03/2015 Notice of intention to execute Compulsory Purchases

09/07/2015 Dong signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AMEP

18/09/2020 The Korean manufacturer SeAH signs MoU with Able UK to use the AMEP development.

10/03/2021 Government confirms £75m investment in AMEP with work to start later 2021.

09/08/2021 GRI Renewable Industries announce they will build an offshore wind turbine tower factory.

Photo Diary

24/08/2014 Ground works in progress.

12/4/2015 Panorama of AMEP Ground Works.

17/04/2015 Ground Works in progress.

20/04/2015 Rosper Road Ground Works.

30/04/2015 Further progress with Ground Works.

01/06/2015 Further progress with Ground Works.

25/03/2019 Station Road work progress.

04/03/2021 Station Road Access.

04/03/2021 AMEP Quay Site.


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